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Press and Publications about Westwood Thermo Process


Builders Products Digest (2008)

The article is about the installations of Westwood kilns on the US Lumber companies - Keim Lumber (OH), Bingaman Lumber (PA), and about the first steps of thermo-modification on the American market.

Hardwood Review (2009)

The first steps of thermo-modification technology on the US market compared to the well-developed industry in Europe to that time.

Woodworking Network (2010)

The article is about thermo-modification technology, properties of thermally modified wood, and one of the first installations of Westwood thermo chamber at Bingaman Lumber facility.

WOOD (2010)

The overview of the thermo-modification process and the comparison of how thermally modified wood stacks up against other outdoor materials.

Woodcraft Magazine (2011)

The experience to make the bench from thermally modified poplar compared to non-treated wood.

Professional Deck Builder (2015)

How made thermo-treated wood decks, workability, pro's and con's for thermally-modified decking compared to the other decking solutions on the American market.

American Hardwood Export Council (2015)

The Mucem Marseille Museum in France used thermally modified under Westwood technology Ash to cover a significant outdoor space.

Siding And Trim (2016)

The article describes the opportunity to use thermally modified wood siding as a better alternative to other siding solutions on the American market.

Forest Products Management Development Institute (2017)

Professional Consumer Perceptions of Thermally-Modified Wood research, performed by the University of Minnesota shows the recognition of thermally-modified products on the US market after 10-years of presence on the market. 

Digital Journal (2021)

The spectrum of thermally-modified wood products includes decking, siding, flooring, etc, which now can be purchased online.

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