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Thermo-Treated Roll Floors
For Indoors

Pamper Your Feet 

Indoors Model of Roll Floors

The main difference between the Indoors model ad the Outdoors model is that the Indoors model has an anti-slip wave surface. Wood is thermally-treated, which allows you to use it in high humidity areas like bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and any areas where you prefer to feel warm wooden planks instead of ceramic tiles or concrete. These Roll Floors are perfect for indoor pools, stepping out from hot tubs, showers, and saunas. Backing rubber stips are designed to not slip on any surfaces, especially on ceramic tiles, wooden floors, and cement. You may cut off Roll Floors to the desired sizes, or put mats together. As mats are not slippy, no any interlocking system is needed. 

Advantaged of Roll Floors

  • Easy and Convenient: Roll Floors are easy and fast to unroll to cover almost any surface as a permanent, or temporary solution and easy to roll-in back for storage.

  • 100% Green: Made from thermally-treated hardwoods for indoors and outdoors. No chemicals added.

  • Non-slip on any surface: Special profile of the backing rubber is durable and non-slicky.


  Additional advantages:

  • Lightweight

  • Oiled with UV-protection

  • Non-sliding when put together, easy to cut to any length

  • 25-year warranty against decay

Roll Floors
Indoor Roll Floors

Gallery of Indoors Thermo Roll Floors 

Roll-In and Roll-Out Roll Floors

Specification and Packing

  • Each Roll Floor is: 1/2 in. x 32 in. x 42 in. - covers 9.5 SF

  • 8 Wood Planks stapled together with EPDM rubber strip on the back with stainless steel staples

  • Each plank is: 7/16"x5"x32"

  • In the box: 1 Roll Floor, 1 fabric bag, 1 flyer

  • Size of the box: 32.5 in. x 6 in. x 6 in.

  • Weight of one box: 14 lbs.

Roll Floors Packing
100% Green Roll Floors


Indoor Roll Floors don't need any maintenance.


The Roll Floors are made from thermo-treated wood, which is naturally protected against rot and decay for 25 years.  Nevertheless, the original appearance of the product depends on timely maintenance and usage as directed. 

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