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Thermo-Treated Roll Floors
For Outdoor

Pamper Your Feet 

Roll Floors Concept

Roll Floors are a simple and effective solution that covers uncomfortable areas of our life with eco-friendly wood floors.  The product is made with outdoor rated and 100% Green thermo-treated wood, which is naturally protected against decay for 25 years.  Each plank was oiled on four sides.  To fasten wooden planks together we use ecologically friendly EPDM backing material, which is weather-resistant, non-slip, and does not leaves marks on surfaces.  If needed, is easy to cut to a specific length.  Roll Floors can be placed together to make a desirable length and width.


Roll Floors are designed to use on any flat surface as a more comfortable coverage for concrete, ceramic tiles, grass, old decks, sand, boardwalks, and even carpets, and wooden floors.  The applications of Roll Floors are unlimited: wooden mats in bathrooms and around pool areas, to cover concrete floors in basements, put on balconies, and porches, cover old decks, create pathways in your garden, bring with you to recreation activities as an RV rug, etc. - use them as a permanent or temporary solution in any area of your life!

(Don’t use: on bumpy surfaces like a pebble, loose sand, or any place when you feel that the weight will exceed the strength of wooden planks.  RollFloors are not suitable for structural applications).

Outdoor Usage of Roll Floors

Thermo-treatment of wood allows Roll Floors to be durable for outdoor usage without any chemicals. The most popular usage of them - RV Mats, around pools, door and patio mats, and temporary flooring or outdoor runner for events (barbeques, weddings, birthdays, etc.). Roll Floors are easy to roll in and put in the storage until needed. Roll Floors are perfect to cover the old decks to create a fresh look without the installation of new decks. Also, if you rent your space, you will take Roll Floors with you when you move out. 

Roll Floor1.png
rollfloor stay.png

Gallery for Thermo Ash Roll Floors

Roll-In and Roll-Out Roll Floors

Advantaged of Roll Floors

  • Easy and Convenient: Roll Floors are easy and fast to unroll to cover almost any surface as a permanent, or temporary solution and easy to roll-in back for storage.

  • 100% Green: Made from thermally-treated hardwoods for indoors and outdoors. No chemicals added.

  • Non-slip on any surface: Special profile of the backing rubber is durable and non-slicky.


  Additional advantages:

  • Lightweight

  • Oiled with UV-protection

  • Non-sliding when put together, easy to cut to any length

  • 25-year warranty against decay

100% Green Roll Floors

Specification and Packing

  • Each Roll Floor is: 1/2 in. x 32 in. x 42 in. - covers 9.5 SF

  • 8 Wood Planks stapled together with EPDM rubber strip on the back with stainless steel staples

  • Each plank is: 7/16"x5"x32"

  • In the box: 1 Roll Floor, 1 fabric bag, 1 flyer

  • Size of the box: 32.5 in. x 6 in. x 6 in.

  • Weight of one box: 14 lbs.

Roll Floors Packing


If used outdoors under direct sunlight to maintain the original color and appearance of the product, finish planks with any outdoor decking oil with UV protection.  If the color turns to silver-brown and you wish to restore the original brown color, lightly sand the surface of the slats with # 80 sandpaper.  Fading color does not change the properties of the product.


The Roll Floors are made from thermo-treated wood, which is naturally protected against rot and decay for 25 years.  Nevertheless, the original appearance of the product depends on timely maintenance and usage as directed. 


Roll Floors Flyer


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