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outdoor wood mat

Roll FloorS

outdoor wood mat


Roll Floors

Pamper Your Feet 

indoor wooden mat

Roll FloorS

All New Indoor & Outdoor Wooden Roll Floors

Our stylish, durable, and eco-friendly wooden roll floors can add a beautiful and practical touch to any indoor or outdoor setting. They can be used on any flat surface, giving more comfortable coverage for concrete, boardwalks, sand, old decks, grass, ceramic tiles, and even wooden floors or carpets. The applications are truly unlimited, from creating a garden pathway to covering an old deck or use as an indoor wooden mat as a bathroom mat, kitchen mat or laundry room mat.


Created from 100 percent green thermo-treated wood, our roll floors are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Each plank has been oiled on four sides for UV protection. We also use an eco-friendly EPDM backing material to fasten the planks together. This is non-slip, resistant, and does not leave any marks on the surfaces. You can cut the planks to any length you desire, as well as place several roll floors together if you need to cover a large area.

Roll-In and Roll-Out Roll Floors

Gallery of Indoor & Outdoor Thermo Roll Floors 

Advantages of Roll Floors

Easy and Convenient

Easy and Convenient

Roll Floors are easy and fast to unroll to cover almost any surface as a permanent, or temporary solution and easy to roll-in back for storage.

100% green

100% Green

Made from thermally-treated hardwoods for indoors and outdoors. No chemicals added.

Non slipery

Non-slip on any surface

Special profile of the backing rubber is durable and non-slicky.

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Outdoor Usage of Roll Floors

Whether you want to create a temporary stylish pathway to your swimming pool during the summer months or you’re looking to create a permanent walkway to an outbuilding, an outdoor wood mat is just the thing you are looking for. 


The wood is thermo-treated, which means it can be used in any outdoor setting, without relying on chemicals. Some of the most popular usages for a roll out mat include an outdoor runner for an event, temporary flooring, patio mats, door mats, around pools, and RV mats. You can easily roll the floor in and put it in storage when needed. 

Why Roll Floors?

Roll Floors are versatile.  You can use them around in multiple locations as needed.  Roll Floors are also durable so they can remain in one location for long periods of time.  


Made to last, you can expect a 25-year warranty against decay when purchasing our roll floors.


RV Owners love Roll Floors.  Not only are our RV outdoor mats robust and stylish, but they are practical too. They have a rubber backing, which is durable and ensures a non-slip surface. The boards are light, and you can easily cut them to any length, meaning they are incredibly easy to work with. Plus, they're oiled with UV protection to ensure they continue looking their best come rain or shine.

Outdoor wood mat


If used outdoors under direct sunlight to maintain the original color and appearance of the product, finish planks with any outdoor decking oil with UV protection.  If the color turns to silver-brown and you wish to restore the original brown color, lightly sand the surface of the slats with # 80 sandpaper.  Fading color does not change the properties of the product.



The Roll Floors are made from thermo-treated wood, which is naturally protected against rot and decay for 25 years.  Nevertheless, the original appearance of the product depends on timely maintenance and usage as directed. 


Free. Delivery

We offer free delivery of Roll Floors for Continental USA States

Outdoor Wooden Roll Out Mat

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If you need more information about our all-new 100% green wooden roll floors then please get in touch with us today, and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

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