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Our outdoor wood mat is the perfect choice for any outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to create a beautiful wooden floor surrounding your swimming pool or you want to put together a walkway that leads people to certain elements of your garden, this is just the thing you need.


Made from thermo-treated Ash, each outdoor roll out mat 32" x 42" is packed in an individual box and measures 32 x 6 x 6 inches packed. One mat weighs 14 lbs. The outdoor runner will be placed in a fabric bag inside the box to protect it. You will also receive a roll floor flyer so that you can apply the mat wherever intended. 


Eco-friendly roll out mats for your outdoor space


Every outdoor wood mat is created using 100 percent green thermo-treated wood. If that wasn’t enough, the backing material is eco-friendly EPDM, so you can ensure that you’re choosing an approach that is kind to the world around us.


We have oiled all sides of every wooden plank four times, ensuring UV protection so that your roll out mat can last for many years to come. Plus, the EPDM backing material that fastens the planks together is non-slip and will not leave any marks on the surface it is being attached to.   


Why do you need an outdoor wooden roll out mat?


There are many reasons why you should consider our stylish and long-lasting wooden roll floors. They look incredible and can add a practical touch to any outdoor or indoor setting.


You can use them on any flat outdoor surface, including old decking, ceramic tiles, sand, boardwalks, and concrete. This means that there is truly no end to the number of applications for these outdoor runners. You can give an old deck a new lease of life, or you can create an enchanting garden pathway. The options are endless.  


Quality is guaranteed when you purchase an outdoor wood mat from us


You can be sure of the highest levels of quality when you purchase an outdoor wood mat from us. No matter the weather, our wooden roll out floors have been designed to retain their beauty and structural integrity.


This is something you can be sure of, as they come with a 25-year warranty against decay, so you can have complete peace of mind.


Despite the fact that they are incredibly durable, they are also very easy to work with. They are lightweight, so you can handle them with ease, and they can also be cut to any size, ensuring all of your project needs are fulfilled.  


Request a shipping quote if ordering more than six


If you are ordering six or more outdoor wood mats, please request a shipping quote. Your order will weigh more than 70 lbs, meaning a bespoke quote is needed. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to get in touch for more information.

Outdoor Wooden Roll Out Mat

SKU: 11117
$98.75 Regular Price
$69.13Sale Price
  • Non-defective products return in 15 days in new condition and original packing. Pay for shipment. 

    If defective - please send the pictures for free return or exchange. 

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