Why Thermo-Treated?

Creates a Great Added Value for Products  

Undelaying Magic of Thermo-Modification

The changes in the wood become irreversible and are a lifetime.  During the thermo-treatment process, we change wood on a molecular level to make it durable and dimensionally stable. More specifically, the treatment burns poly-sugars and makes wood water repellent on a molecular level which prevents the wood from rotting or decaying and makes it identical to 350-year old lumber (see the microscope view of wood before and after thermo-treatment).  Thermo-treated wood becomes naturally durable and stable for at least 25 years. Also, the process substantially reduces moisture-related shrinking and swelling because wood repels moisture on a molecular level.  The process is absolutely "Green" with no chemicals added.  As a result, thermo-treated products are 100% “Green”.

Thermo-treated wood decking look
Green thermo-trated wood

Properties of Thermo-Treated Wood

Wood modified on molecular level 
Moister related movement reduced 5-10 times 
100% Green
We use heat and water steam only to do the modification of wood 
Exotic Wood Color
Consistent brown color beyond the surface 
Low Maintenance
2-3 years interval 
25-year Warranty
Against rot and decay